JT Marine is your one stop for shipyard and marine service needs.

shipyard services

Our full service shipyard offers a 1200 Ton Dry Dock, Covered Fabrication Bays, Crane Service, Pier Space, Shoreside Buildway and more.

Shipyard Services In Vancouver, WA


JT Marine Inc is a family owned shipyard in Vancouver, WA located on the Columbia River just east of the I-5 bridge approximately 105 miles inland.

ABS and Coast Guard Certified Welders!

Marine services

We have a full fleet of Tug Boats, Barges, and Derrick Barge and Cranes to meet your marine service needs.

Specialty services

JT Marine can assist with specialty services like New Build Tugs and Barges, Salvage Operations, Ship Loaders, Oil Rigs, and more.